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Intensive Interaction supports families to consciously adjust their communicative style to promote communication and social engagement
Interactions in Action

Interactions in Action

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  • Accepts and respects the person for who they are
  • Gentle, intuitive and relaxed
  • Responsive
  • Enjoyable and playful
  • Non-invasive and non-directive
  • Does not require special equipment or facilities
  • Can be used anywhere and at anytime
  • Based on sound research evidence


  • Facilitates social connection 

  • Strengthens emotional connections and bonding

  • Develops self-esteem

  • Enhances emotional understanding and expression

  • Reduces anxiety 

  • Increases understanding of non-verbal communication (i.e., use of facial expressions, eye-contact, body language and gesture)

  • Supports the development, understanding and use of vocalisations and verbal communication

  • Develops concentration abilities

  • Can have a positive impact on behaviour and physical development

In relation to Intensive Interaction, Mansell concluded:

"there is great potential here to provide a better quality of life"

Department of Health, 2010

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